About WorkoutMixes

WorkoutMixes was founded by professional DJ, Tony Schwartz, who was tired of playing the same old Spotify playlists during his weightlifting and cardio sessions. Inspired to create his own playlists, Tony hopped on his turntables and created a couple of sixty minute mixes for future workout sessions. After forwarding a few of his mixes to friends, requests for more high-energy mixes poured in and WorkoutMixes was born.

The mixes produced by WorkoutMixes are perfect for a variety of workouts and exercise activities: cardio, weight lifting, cycling, elliptical, interval, jogging, CrossFit, walking, yoga, Zumba, and more! Each mix is approximately 60 minutes in duration, varies in tempo and genre, and features clean lyrics. Songs selected for each mix are typically remixed versions by various DJs and producers.

New mixes are posted every week or two. If you have a theme suggestion, or just some songs you would like to see featured in a future mix, please reach out via our Contact page. Also, tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – just use @WorkoutMixes or #WorkoutMixes and we’ll give you some social media love!

Thank you for your continued support. Now, let’s get after it!

– WorkoutMixes